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the best memorial day weekend sales

Updated: May 29, 2020

I've gathered up all of my favorite stores sales and the trendiest pieces and linked them all here in one blog. Basically your go to place for the cutest clothes on sale right now.... soooo let's begin.

Forever 21

So excited because normally Forever 21 is decently priced, but with the discounts they have been offering for Memorial Day Weekend, you can snag some of your favorite pieces for a fraction of the cost!

They are offering 20% off $75+, 30% off $85+, & 40% off $150+ with code: memorialday2020

This is a great deal that I will not be passing up. So now I'll show you some of my favorite pieces that are going on sale, with links so you can get the looks.

Abercrombie & Finch

I think that Abercrombie has definitely "up'd" their game when it comes to clothes, I've been seeing some really cute trends and styles coming from them lately, so I put them on the list of sales to watch this weekend. I thought Abercrombie was outdated ever since I stopped wearing them in high school, but I'm happy to say, they are starting to become one of my favorites to shop lately.

They are offering 40-60% off the entire store, plus an extra 15% off certain styles for a limited time only, so go check them out!

Here are my top picks:

Princess Polly Boutique

I love this Australian brand's style. It's edgy, sexy, and feminine all at the same time. They have a little bit higher of a price point so I would definitely hop on this sale as soon as possible

They have buy one, get one 30% off which is not something they offer often, so this is another sale I will definitely be taking advantage of. Use code: roll30 at checkout!

The pieces I'm eyeing are:

Steve Madden

I love love love shoes! When someone asks whether you're a shoe or a bag person, I always choose shoes. Steve Madden is one of my favorite brands, so I am overjoyed that they are having such an amazing sale this MDW.

They are offering up to 60% off, 50% off, & 40% off with codes: spring60, spring50, and spring40 which is super exciting since they rarely have discounts that high, so take advantage of the opportunity!

I love these looks especially:

I hope you liked my little round up of sales and trending items! Please comment and share your favorites as well as any other of your favorite sales going on now!

Looking forward to seeing your favorites, xoxo.