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my sunless tanning tips & hacks

Updated: May 30, 2020

Disclosure: this post does NOT have affiliate links, I genuinely use and love these products. I get no kickback or sales if you use these links. Happy reading & enjoy!

Faux Tanning has become part of my everyday beauty routine. I've tried almost every product, mixed and matched, and I finally found the right formula for the longest-lasting faux tan.

I've always been insecure about my fair skin since I can remember. I've always wanted to be one of those girls who was blonde and bronzed all year round, but unfortunately, I'm a bit more translucent and sunburned (lol). Over the years I've learned to embrace my paleness, but I also love the idea that I can be a little bronzed whenever I want.

For someone who has a fairer skin tone, I am hyper-aware of my risk for getting skin cancer. I'm not one of the lucky ones who can basque in the sun all day and get a nice tan; I will get lobster-red and splotchy all over, which can then lead to other health complications. I found that it's better to take care of my skin, keep it hydrated, and minimize sun exposure.

Before I disclose my favorite sunless tanning products, I want to share my favorite exfoliating mitt. I've tried exfoliators from multiple companies, but this one is my favorite. The MicrodermaMitt has by far given my skin the best results. It's a little pricey for an exfoliating mitt, but it is by far better than the rest in my opinion. I faux tan almost every week, and in order to get smooth and seamless results, you need an exfoliator to take off the excess tan and dead skin.

TIP #1: once out of the shower, wait an hour or so before applying the sunless tanner, because your pores open up with the hot water, you should give them time to shrink up so the tanning product doesn't absorb into them.

Throughout my ongoing journey for finding the best faux tanning products, I have a new formula that has definitely become my new favorite color tan thus far. As I continue trying new things, I will keep you updated on my new and improved sunless tanning routine.

Throughout my tanning experience, I've found that I actually like using the foam sunless tanner rather than a self-tanning machine. For someone who tans as often as I do, I like the quick foam application and it actually comes out more natural and seamless. I originally bought a personal spray tan machine (Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit) that gives professional level tans. I have used this for years, I even bought a tanning tent to minimize the over-spray of formula. (Let's just say I take tanning very seriously lol). I eventually got extremely lazy; it became a big ordeal to take out everything to give myself a spray tan, so I tried out different foam tanners until I found my favorite one. (I still use my personal spray tan machine when it comes to special occasions, but for everyday tanning, I highly recommend the foam).

My favorite sunless tanning product is from Coco & Eve. Their Sunny Honey Bali Bronze Foam is the most natural-looking tan I've come across. It actually smells like tropical coconut-fig, mango-guava deliciousness. It is also the most hydrating sunless tanner I've tried as well. I personally use their bronzing foam in the color Dark; I like to look a little more bronzed, but not unnatural. It is also a fast-acting tan, within a couple of hours you can add a little more bronze to your life.

TIP #2: I personally like to marinate (lol) in the tan overnight to get a deeper and darker tan. Even though it's fast-acting, I still like to sleep with it on and rinse off the excess in the morning.

Another product I use to elongate my tan is a gradual tanner, the MineTan Gradual Tan Foam to be exact.

It's usually a clear foam that can build a longer-lasting tan. This is the violet color base; it gives your skin a Mediterranian glow. I've tried almost all of their gradual tanners and this one looks best on my skin tone, but in general they are all amazing.

I usually use this the day after the sunless tanner. If there are any spots I missed or I just want to deepen the tan, I add on this step. During the winter months I do not usually add in the gradual tanner, but sometimes in the summer I love a little extra bronze. When I do this, every day or every other day, it keeps my tan lasting anywhere from a week to ten days in pristine condition.

A couple of bonus products I recommend are a tanning mitt and brush.

I use the Coco & Eve Bali Bronzing Bundle. The mitt is pretty essential for getting an even tan. The brush is definitely on my highly recommended list because it gives the perfect application for your face, hands, and feet so they don't come out blotchy or over-tanned.

The last and final tanning product is for those who don't like to put tanning products on their face. The MineTan Facial Tanning Drops

are made for the sensitive skin on your face. Just add a couple drops to your daily moisturizer day or night, and it gives you a nice glow that you can gradually build.

TIP#3: Make sure to wash your hands after! This is so important to not wake up with brown-splotchy hands in the morning.

That's it for my tanning routine! I hope this was helpful. If you want a blog on how to sunless tan (step-by-step) please comment below, message, or email me. Also if you have any tanning products that you recommend, I would love to hear what you use!