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how to online shop like a pro (& find your ideal sizing)

Updated: May 30, 2020

The one question I'm ALWAYS asked when I'm out and about is where I got my outfit and how do I find clothes that fit my small stature (being a petite girl, it's difficult to find the right clothes for me). Not only do I feel so proud and flattered when someone asks, but I also love giving my fellow style queen some tips and tricks of where I've gotten my latest deal!

I would say I'm a smart shopper; I like to look chic but not spend all of my income on pricey pieces. Some of my favorite places to purchase clothing are: Forever 21, Asos, Zara, Nasty Gal, Princess Polly Boutique, etc. This is what we call fast fashion, and sometimes with these types of stores, the clothing isn't always the highest quality and fit. Because of my (low-key) shopping addiction, I've become an expert in how to shop online (because I hate how chaotic in-store shopping can feel) as well as finding the ultimate sizing based on each piece of clothing.

First, I go on my favorite clothing site and pick an item that I desperately need to add to my wardrobe. From here I click through all the photos and really examine the item on the model. This is one of my biggest tips for online shopping, know your measurements or at least your height, this will help so much when it comes to finding your perfect fit. Knowing your measurements or knowing your body type is vital when it comes to online shopping. The more you figure out what types of clothing fit well on your body, the more likely you'll make online shopping your go-to-way to shop. So as you analyze the model's body type and the fit of the clothing, you'll then scroll down to the model information.

While looking at the model information, note the height and size she/he is wearing. For example, I'm 5'0 so when I see that the model is 5'8, I then understand that the garment that the model is wearing will fit longer on me. So keep this in mind when you're looking for clothes for your body type. I always look at the size the model is wearing and refer back to how the garment actually fit on the model; I can then base my size selection on how I want it to fit on me. Sometimes I like to order a little bit larger for an oversized look, but seeing the model and knowing everything about her and what she's wearing definitely helps me make a smarter clothing choice.

Another tip is to always read the description and garment measurements (they usually write this in the product information). Depending on the type of material used, this could be a deal breaker when selecting an item of clothing. Knowing the types of fabric that are more breathable or durable can give you an idea of how it will fit on your body. Pictures can be deceiving, not everything is exactly as it seems, so knowing the actual measurements of each sized garment is one of the last steps in choosing the best size for you.

The last tip I would recommend is to glance at the garment in all of the different colors (if there are any), as this lets you see some of the finer details. Sometimes when I click on a black or white item of clothing, the little details aren't always seen, especially if the photos are taken on a similar background. The little things can sometimes make or break a purchase for me. For example, I wanted a white tank top that has adjustable straps, but the photos were taken on a white background. I then changed the color of the garment to look at the details further, and then realized the straps were not as adjustable as I wanted them, so the hunt continued. Taking your time with the finer details now will lead to less surprises when receiving your purchases later.

These tips are simple, but I hope that they can help anyone looking for an easier way to online shop and have success in purchasing the right fit for their body type. Nothing is worse than getting a haul of clothes and nothing fits quite right. All in all, I hope this gives you an idea of what I do when I purchase clothing online! If anyone has any other questions, comments, or recommendations; please comment below. I'd love to hear from other online shopping addicts ;)