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how I celebrated my birthday (during a pandemic)

I am a HUGE birthday person! I love celebrating and making everyone's day something special. I think it's incredibly important to celebrate the little and big things. Life is all about living in the moment and enjoying every ounce of life... and I find making a big deal out of your birthday to be a super fun way to do just that.

So with the ongoing pandemic and consternation throughout the world, I know that celebrating anything might be the last thing on anyone's mind. But, I actually find it extremely important to find a way to make the most of a sh** situation. This gives everyone an opportunity to get creative and find ways to make any celebration special.

Although we're not on complete lockdown here in Los Angeles, we have been very slow on the reopening process and with the cases skyrocketing again, we may be regressing back into a "stay at home" order. BUT, with that being said, I still took the time to look into the exact rules and regulations and found ways to be safe while still enjoying my birthday!

I am pretty extra when it comes to birthday's. My mom was the one who made birthday's so special when I was growing up (I could literally recite in detail each and every one I had since I was born) and I like to keep that tradition alive with everyone in my life. Funny enough, my boyfriend has actually converted to being a big birthday person, he never really cared much for celebrating (until he met me), but now he gets the hype..... and hopefully you do too once you read this and get some inspiration (it's all in the little details that can make anyones day extra special).

Sooo let the festivities begin.......

I wake up the day of to balloons, a special breakfast, as well as my favorite cup of coffee. I love cinnamon rolls and we actually found some organic, raw, vegan ones that are to die for. I'm not vegan, but these cinnamon rolls could convert me on their own. I will link the amazing place we get these, here.

Once I take it easy and enjoy my breakfast, we get ready for a surprise lunch spot. We ended up at The Roof Garden at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. It's such a beautiful and peaceful spot in the heart of Los Angeles. They have amazing food with a wide variety; you can get a burger or pad thai, just depends on your mood. The rooftop has such cute decor and an amazing atmosphere which made it the perfect place to have my birthday lunch.

(Also don't mind Wesley... he also enjoyed his lunch as well.... as you can tell in the picture above)

Anyways... to top it off, we finished our meal with a blondie sundae which made my experience 100x better. Seriously just look at that, you cannot go wrong ordering this. As you can tell I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and the desserts do not end here!

For dinner we celebrated with my family at the Italian restaurant Il Cielo. They have a beautifully lit patio that is the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, it feels like you're sitting under the stars and is a must try if you live in LA or are visiting.

I didn't take a ton of photos because I really just wanted to spend time and be in the moment with loved ones, but I did happen to get a quick pic of the lights since it was breathtaking!

This was definitely one of my favorite birthday's, nothing too crazy, just some time spent with family and loved ones, while being outside and enjoying one another's company. It was simply perfect!

But..... I had a little surprise coming my way this past weekend. (Here's the video of the actual surprise)

My friends surprised me with a fun little house party. It's been so long since we've all been together in one place. To just hangout, enjoy some cocktails, and be together, was more than I could have asked for, for my birthday.

We literally just sat around, joking, laughing and having a blast spending the day reminiscing and just enjoying each other's company. It was such a fun filled day and I could not thank my friends enough for making my birthday so special.

All in all, this time has given me perspective to cherish those around us and to find any little bit of excitement and joy in our lives. I know that scary and difficult times are surrounding us, but that should make us celebrate every single day we have on this planet. Enjoy the little things in life, adore family and friends, stay safe and most of all find happiness in everything you can🤗