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easy moving hacks

Updated: May 30, 2020

It's the day before moving day, and you have everything inline to get up and start your life in a brand new place. But..... nothing is packed. This is where my packing hacks come in.

I've definitely procrastinated and waited until the last minute to get everything in order, but I've found a few hacks that have helped me save time and money when it comes to packing and unpacking for a move. I try to be as resourceful as possible and use things I already have around the house, as well as things I'm already bringing and could put to better use. Some of my hacks may seem like common sense, but they have helped me immensely through the moving process and I hope they are just as useful to you as well.

1. When it comes to your folded clothes, use SUITCASES! This may seem obvious, but for years, whenever I moved, everyone recommended cheap boxes to use; until one day I decided that luggage would be more useful. I can't stress enough how much of a waste boxes are now because of this hack. Suitcases help you move for multiple reasons... One, its so much easier to transport than boxes. They roll, they have an easy handle, and they can fit soo much in them (especially those with an expandable zipper). Two, they help you be a little bit more environmentally friendly as boxes are wasteful and there's no need to use them if there's another way. Three, there's no use in lugging around your luggage without putting them to great use. There's just empty space not being used, so might as well condense everything in one. If you don't have enough luggage to pack everything, ask your family and friends to borrow them and there will be so much less to get rid of when you unpack because you can return the luggage to your loved ones. I always use suitcases for all of my already folded clothes (I have another hack for your clothes that are hanging).

2. Do NOT take all of those nicely hung up clothes off of their hangers, this hack has actually changed my life. I first group my hanging clothes into sections. Next, cut a tiny hole on the bottom of a trash bag. Then, I grab a section of hanging clothes on the hangers and put the trash bag over them while using the cut hole as the opening for the hangers' hooks. Finally, I tie up the bottom of the trash bag to keep the clothes from falling out. An extra little supplemental hack is to get any kind of rubber band and wrap it around the hooks of the hangers so they stay together in the grouped section and don't fall down into the trash bag. Another way to help with being environmentally conscious is to use garment bags or laundry baskets (by hanging them on the lip of the basket). This helps reduce the time you spend packing and unpacking quite a bit.

3. My third hack has to do with kitchen utensils. All you need is saran wrap and the utensil holder for your silverware. One of the major issues with packing up the kitchen is losing the smaller utensils and finding them scattered in multiple boxes, but I've found a way to keep it all in one place. Just wrap your silverware holder with enough saran wrap to keep it all in place, simple but effective!

4. I personally hate buying and using bubble wrap for moving, so I use towels that I already have around the house. The main use I have for the towels is to wrap up and pack all of my dishes and kitchenware. Towels give the fragile items enough support and cushion, which is a huge plus. This is just another way to be resourceful and use items you were already planning on bringing with you anyways.

These are simple moving hacks that anyone can use and I hope that in some way, shape, or form they make the packing process easier for you. I like to work smarter, not harder, so if anyone has any other helpful tips or tricks please comment below!