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best beauty products for winter

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I am one of those people who suffer from dry skin during the colder months. The weather is damaging and takes a toll on your skin, so I've invested in a great brand to get me through. I truly believe that what you put on your skin is what you get out of it... and making sure that not only the skin care, but also the makeup you use are good for your overall health during the harsh weathered months (and all year round really).

ILIA is a brand that I've been using for years now, I believe in their products and they have given my skin the natural boost and glow I've always wanted. It's made with clean ingredients, making sure that you're not giving up the integrity of your beauty products. My skin has not looked smoother with any other makeup. I live by this brand and I hope that you give them a try and see the results for yourself.

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara is not only award winning, but made with organic shea butter and bee wax leaving your lashes hydrated and lusciously full. I use this daily and it's actually amazing, with its dual sided brush, it gives you all the volume you desire but without the clumps. The second side of the mascara wand has a separator which adds length to your lashes. I used to buy tons of expensive and highly recommended mascaras, but I see the difference with this product, and hopefully you will too!

ILIA Fade Into You: Finishing Powder

I first found the ILIA Fade Into You: Finishing Powder from an influencer I follow and felt compelled to try it (just like most of us do when it comes to the products recommended by influencers). I SWEAR by this product. I call it pretty powder because it literally makes you look flawless.. I'm not kidding. The beauty of this product is the ingredients. It's made with organic oils and powders that are hydrating to the skin... I'll repeat that again, this powder is hydrating. This is the smoothest and finest powder I've ever used, leaving my skin feeling conditioned, healthy, and hydrated all year round.

ILIA Light It Up Primer

The ILIA Light It Up Primer is essential for the cold weather months. It's ultra hydrating and helps protect against environmental factors. It blends the best of both worlds, giving you a smoothing primer and a hydrating skin serum. It's truly a two in one product and worth all the hype. It gives you a flawless base, erasing blemishes and pores before putting on your makeup. It's a luxurious primer that I cannot get enough of, I wouldn't put it on my list of must have's if it wasn't worth the try. You can thank me later!

ILIA Balmy Days Lip Conditioner

I'm not one of the lucky ones who has plump, luscious lips... nor am I someone who has had filler to give my lips a little more surface area. I have pretty average lips and they get dry/cracked whenever the weather goes below 65 degrees. I have always tried chapsticks and plenty of other products that would hydrate my peeling lips... but NOTHING has worked except for ILIA's Lip Conditioner. It literally conditions the sh*t out of your lips, I will never use anything else, honestly. It's a product that is so hard to get your hands on because it is always sold out... so whenever you get the chance, I'd stock up, your lips will thank you for the ultra hydration you're about to give them!

ILIA Skin Tint

Last, but certainly not least is the ILIA Skin Tint. This product is THE all in one. It's lightweight and smooth texture goes flawlessly on your skin, but also has the added benefits of all your skincare needs. It's packed with essential oils your skin needs for all types of weather as well as a chemical free SPF. It's vital to have SPF during any weather because those nasty UV rays can penetrate no matter what is happening outside. This is the tinted moisturizer that you need to add to your skincare and makeup routine.

I hope that your skin thrives this cold weather season. You should try some of these products and implement them into your daily routine (your skin will thank you immensely). You'll walk through the holidays and the new year with fabulous looking skin! Stay hydrated and warm this winter pretties🌨❄️